Kouvola Theatre


Kouvola Theatre is the only professional theatre in Kouvola, and in the Finnish theatre field it is a producing theatre of middle size. The theatre was founded in 1960 and the total number of yearly audience is some 40.000 spectators. Usually we produce five to six opening evenings in a year, maybe five on the big stage and one on the small stage. Usually all the plays are presented in Finnish.

Our yearly repertory includes classic drama, musicals and comedy as well as plays for children. Finnish classics and new plays are very popular but globally known plays and play writers as well.

There is twelve full time actors in Kouvola Theatre, and also a number of people who work as non-professional supporting actors or in the orchestra. Our full time resident company is 40 persons including directors, production designer, costume designer, lightning and sound designers, and a musical director as well as administration. Theatre is highly collaborative organization - and partly due to small size of the organization it is obvious that the atmosphere is full of positive intention. One of our strengths is a tight and personal contact to our audience – and that you can feel as our guest. Welcome!

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Tel +358 5 7400 330/ Tickets/ Tue-Sat and 3 hours before performances
Tel +358 5 7400 300/ Office/  Mon-Tue 9-16

Kouvola Theatre
Salpausselänkatu 38
FIN-45100 Kouvola

Kouvolan Teatteri
Salpausselänkatu 38
45100 Kouvola